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Nurse Taking Notes

Every technology project that you implement will likely result in chances to how your team does its work.  After all, technology itself is the facilitator of improvement, but not THE improvement.

Our experienced professionals, with backgrounds from Deloitte, Ernst & Young and others have many years experience assisting healthcare organizations or practices just like yours understand the technology you are implementing and optimizing your practice to reach its full potential using technology.

Ask yourself:

  • Is every part of my organization optimized

  • Is my staffing adequate or am I overstaffed 

  • Do I need to invest in technology and if so what technology

  • Am I leveraging the data my current systems are collecting to understand how my organization operates

From appointment scheduling, through patient movement and flow to billing, we can assist your organization reach its full potential.

Project Management is both an art and a science. Our team has many years of project management that can help you optimize your technology projects and time-frames.

Among others, we can manage the following types of technology projects:

  • System Upgrades

  • Data conversions

  • Interfaces (HL7 and others)

  • Systems / EMR consolidations

  • Practice and Process Improvement

  • System selection processes and RFPs

  • Systems Implementation

No matter what your technology project is we have the skills and experience to lead your projects to a  successful, timely and cost sensitive conclusion.

Image by You X Ventures
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