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Willowglade Technologies® announces the release of the “Personal Health Navigator®” Patient Portal and enhanced integration with OncoEMR® using FHIR® powered interoperability

Jan 8, 2024 - Las Vegas, NV – Recognizing the need to maintain is position as providing the industry leading patient experience platform, Willowglade Technologies today announced the availability of their new patient portal, “Personal Health Navigator®” (PHN), further expanding on the “Unified Digital Patient Experience™.”

PHN is designed to provide an optimal patient experience, with a well-designed, simple to operate user interface.  PHN 6.0 was certified with ONC in December 2023.


“The addition of our newly Certified Health IT module further consolidates our position as a leader in the provision of a “Unified Digital Patient ExperienceTM” to oncology practices and patients across the country.  Patients can not only view lab results and documents, but complete ePROs, Smart e-Forms, participate in telemedicine calls, send messages to their provider and much more” said John Papandrea, CEO of Willowglade Technologies. “It becomes a one stop shop for every patient when they interact electronically with their provider practice” he added.

Among other integration touch-points, patients and clinicians are provided clinical information via a FHIR® powered integration with OncoEMR® – allowing patients and clinicians a comprehensive view of patient clinical information.

“FHIR® integration was a significant component of the PHN build as we knew that tight interoperability with the leading EMR in the community oncology space was going to be an imperative” said Ben Papandrea, lead FHIR® Integration Engineer.  “We wanted to provide an optimal experience for our clients and their patients.  Building one of the first FHIR® integrations with OncoEMR® was very rewarding, as it helped us achieve that goal.” he said.


Personal Health Navigator Patient Portal began rolling out to oncology practices across the country starting early January 2024.

About Willowglade Technologies

Willowglade Technologies offers the “Unified Digital Patient Experience™, a comprehensive platform that consolidates various aspects of the patient journey into a single, user-friendly solution. This includes features such as itinerary reminders, messaging, Smart E-Forms, ePROs, Telephone Triage, telehealth capabilities and more. By providing a seamless experience, the platform aims to empower patients to take an active role in their healthcare.  Overall, Willowglade Technologies aims to provide cutting-edge IT solutions that enhance patient experiences, improve care coordination, optimize workflows, and drives better outcomes. Their commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach positions them as a leader in their field.  For more information contact us at or go to

ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS

FHIR is a registered trademark of HL..ORG

OncoEMR is a registered trademark of Flatiron Health Inc

"Personal Health Navigator" is a registered trademark of Willowglade Technologies

"Unified Digital Patient Experience" is a trademark of Willowglade Technologies 

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