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Managing patient symptoms, treatment, questions, messages and other interactions while your patients are at home are critical to patient outcomes, ER avoidance and effective treatment management. 


Our Triage Module allows for the management of inbound and outbound patient calls as well as patient messaging to assist in achieving improved outcomes.  Users can:

  • View previous pathway results or messages, including chief complaint


  • Respond to a patient message or run a symptom or other pathway for full documentation of your interaction with the patient


  • Be guided as to what action needs to be undertaken in order to optimize patient outcomes.


  • Set encounters for follow-up, stat or other statuses per the individual patient needs 


  • Automatically transmit complete encounter summaries to your EMR system (including patient messages and responses to patient messages)

  • Create and manage a schedule of outbound calls for patients that may be on oral chemo or immunotherapy or transition of care.

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Health Orchestrator Telemedicine is designed to improve efficiency, outcomes and patient satisfaction by facilitating virtual visits with optimal efficiency by replicating "in office" workflows.

Easy Integration into your scheduling system, and complete with automated text or email visit reminders, virtual waiting rooms, patient “transfer” capabilities and other advanced functions, Health Orchestrator Telemedicine is the only solution that has the ability to mimic your in-office workflow in the virtual world.

Health Orchestrator Telemedicine can be implemented stand alone, or integrated into your existing Health Orchestrator modules.

Improve patient care by involving your patients in their care process with Health Orchestrator Telemedicine.

Itineraries and Appointments

Automate patient appointment reminders with Health Orchestrator Appointment and Itinerary Notifications.  

Integrated with your scheduling system. automated reminders can be sent to patients for upcoming appointments via text, email or voice anytime you'd like before the appointment

If the patient has multiple appointments on the same day they benefit from "itinerary notifications" where patients get one notification giving them access to their entire itinerary - times, locations and other important appointment information.

Itinerary Activity Launchpad is an easy way for patients to launch any "to do" activities before an appointment like complete forms, do ePROs or watch educational material.

Patients can receive notifications in their preferred language and simple "reply confirmations" are available for the patient to acknowledge and confirm their itinerary, so you're not left guessing.

With an easy to use dashboard, you can also see the delivery status of the notification AND if the patient has confirmed their appointment. 

Easily send bulk Notifications and messages to a selected patient cohort allowing you to update many patients simultaneously in the event of delays or cancelations. 

Doctor's Appointment
Patient Reported Outcomes
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ePRO (or Patient Reported Outcomes) can be used to solicit SDOH or Depression screening, symptom, quality or any other required data from your patients.  

Automatic score calculation (for quality indicators for example) and alert / notification based on calculated scores or specific patient responses.

PRO information is immediately available for review by healthcare professionals in Health Orchestrator AND sent to your EMR as both a PDF or discrete data for inclusion in your visit documentation.

Patient educational material can also be automatically distributed to patients based on their responses to ePROs helping them get a better understanding of any reported symptoms, side effects or other issues.


Patients are reminded via text or email to take scheduled PRO assessments,  or if the PRO is associated with an appointment or telemedicine visit the PRO will appear on their Itinerary Activity Launchpad.


Abnormal or “off track” notifications are created in Health Orchestrator for patients who report sub-standard PROs – for fast care team follow-up, which can be documented using the Triage Module.

Use for Clinical Trials, Oral Oncolytic Monitoring, Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Quality Srveys (QOPI or OCM for example) or any time you need feedback or reporting from your patients.


Managing and monitoring regular medications or complex Oral Oncolytic Regimens is usually a difficult task.  What meds did the patient take? When?  How many ? These are many questions asked when trying to determine the causes of symptoms or side effects.

Developed with Oncology Pharmacists, using Advanced Oral Oncolytic Adherence Management your organization can assign pre-configured regimens to patients improving their understanding as to what to take, when and how. 

Patients receive text messages reminding them when to take a dose - only on the days they need to take their medication.  


Customize patient regimens at any time during any cycle of the regimen to take into consideration patient side effects, blood test results and more - all impacting what text messages a patient will receive, with what reminders, when and what action is required by the patient, if any.

Patients define their communication preferences and can receive email and/or text reminders. Some notifications are:​


  • Medication Due

  • Medication Overdue

  • Fill Needed

  • Refill Needed

  • Medication “stopped”


Practices are notified via Health Orchestrator for patients that fail to take medication and adherence drops below pre-defined levels


Using the Triage Module it is easy to document follow-up activities and recommendations.

No longer will you need to worry about paper forms for patients... or manually sending e-forms to patients.

With Health Orchestrator e-Forms, you can send exactly the specific forms you need your patients to complete ahead of any appointment - automatically.

Health Orchestator e-forms capture any and all data that you currently capture on paper, including signatures.  

We can send a PDF of the form to your EMR, AND send discrete data to update you Practice Management system or other systems as needed.

Also included with e-Forms is a review, reject  / approve workflow that allows your staff to verify that forms are completed properly before completion. This workflow is fully integrated into the Health Orchestrator Front Desk workflow where users can:

  • Arrive Patients (arrival automatically sent to your EMR)

  • Create a QR code to allow patients the opportunity to complete forms while in the waiting room (on your organizational device)

  • Send an SMS to patients with a link to allow patients to complete forms while in the waiting room (on their own smart device)

There are many more functions provided as a part of the e-Forms module.  Contact us to learn more.

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