Welcome to Personal Health Navigator Telemedicine

You doctor has chosen the Personal Health Navigator Telemedicine platform to conduct your telemedicine visits.  Below are some hints that will help you and your doctor have a smooth and successful visit:


  • If you plan on using your iPhone for your visit make sure you have at least iOS 14.3 on your phone. Please allow plenty of time ahead of your visit to upgrade.

  • Make sure you use a certified browser for your call:



  • IPHONE - SAFARI V 11 +

  • MAC - SAFARI V 11 +

  • Arrive 10 minutes or so before the scheduled visit time – this will allow you enough time to verify your computer, phone or tablet can be used for your call.

  • Complete the device check if asked- and make sure your camera, speakers and microphone all work properly.


  • Make sure your device is connected to WIFI with fast internet speed.  Slow speeds will disrupt the call. Also be close to your WIFI router and make sure that no one else is using your WIFI when you are on the call.

  • If you are using a smart phone for your telemedicine visit stay in one place where you have a strong signal - preferably near your WIFI router



  • Do NOT have a lot of tabs open on your browser.  Your telemedicine tab should be the only one open so you can focus on waiting for your visit to start and your visit when it starts.


  • Do NOT use a a slow internet connection - this will result in poor video quality or dropping of video.

  • If using your cell phone for the telemedicine call DO NOT walk around  - stay in one place where there is a strong signal

  • Do not attempt to complete a telemedicine call if your computer does not have a camera, speakers or a microphone.  Call your providers office ahead of the telemedicine visit and let them know

  • Do not cruise the internet or use other apps while waiting for your provider to start the call.  The call could start at any time and you should be ready.

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